Not Even One in Confetti Fest 16

“Lydia Nightingale, who submitted a largely autobiographical piece about addiction called “Not Even One,” said the [extended deadline] influenced her decision to create the work. “The COVID-19 pandemic was just beginning to rear its ugly head, and I could feel the fear and desperation growing around me,” she noted. “I thought if I could do anything to give my ‘siblings in recovery’ a little more hope that they could persevere… I should do it.””
-The Times Union
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Adele in Berlin in Riant Theatre’s Strawberry One-Act Festival

“While some would like to pretend that the rampant sexual exploitation these women faced is a result of the tumult of the time and the war they lived through, Nightingale acknowledges that her piece is timely because the issues these characters dealt with are very alive, and an extremely real part of the fabric of our contemporary society. ”
-The Vine
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Stars in SUNY New Paltz new Play Festival 

“More than half of this year’s plays and sketches, which will be presented as staged readings, were written by women playwrights, and all spotlight pivotal female characters and themes that resonate in women’s lives. Some of the authors are professional local playwrights; others are SUNY New Paltz students or alumni...This year’s play readings include Stars by Lydia Nightingale…”
-Hudson Valley Almanac Weekly
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These Shining Lives at Curtain Call Theatre as Pearl

“Thanks to endearing performances, the play holds your interest…the four actresses create individuals about whom you care and they excel in developing a strong bond that unites them as friends.”
-Troy Record
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“The first time Donahue’s fellow workers magically appear behind scrims is a vivid and powerful tableaux…All players are strong in this show…”
-Times Union
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Crimes of the Heart at Curtain Call Theatre as Chick

“Nightingale’s Chick appropriately sucks the air out of the room, and when Chick got her comeuppance at Friday’s opening, the audience applauded…a superb ensemble.”
-The Daily Gazette (subscription needed)
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Reunion: A Musical Epic in Minature at NYS Theatre Institute (nysti) as Hometown Girl

“[David Girard’s] powerful moments with the girl of his heart, especially in their second act duet ‘Weeping Sad and Lonely’, are moments that stay with you for a long, long time. As the Hometown Girl of his dreams, Lydia Nightingale, is almost his equal. They pair beautifully.”
-Berkshire Bright Focus
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