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Pieces include:
The Mother“- From a German Army nurse, to a prisoner of the Russians, to a waitress for the Americans. This is a short vision of my biological German grandmother’s life, integrated with sections of the letter my adoptive grandparents received about her in the 1950s.

fanfiction.net account


Pieces include:
“Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”– (Yu Yu Hakusho fanfiction) When the Spirit Detective and the Fox are sent to kill a demon murderess in Ningenkai, Kurama meets and befriends a human girl named Kate Fields. The link between the two females leads to a longer and more involved mission than expected.

“Dream, Dream, Dream”– (Yu Yu Hakusho fanfiction) [Sequel to “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”] Life after Kate and Kurama’s marriage has been anything but kind to Team Urameshi. Kate suffers from horrific nightmares; Kurama vies with his demonic past; Yusuke and Keiko deal with a complicated pregnancy. But when a sinister threat rises in Makai, the whole group must put old and new hurts aside and fight together…before it’s too late.

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